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The Bully Caterpillar


The animated film, The Bully Caterpillar is a story about transformation. It defines the difference between ego and esteem, arrogance and confidence, as well as entitlement and gratitude.  It addresses bullying with a lovable cast of caterpillars, butterflies and birds. Harold, the caterpillar is a bully.  He is mean and big; smug, arrogant and entitled.  This is a guy who thinks that he rules the world.  Little does he know that his world is about to change when a beautiful butterfly comes along to guide him on his journey of enlightenment.

Transformation is different than change.  A butterfly can never be a caterpillar again.  In our story, Harold will never look back, either physically or emotionally.

Our goal is to help children to develop ethics and map the routes of their lives with images that teach and inspire.  The original and inspired music is composed by Sally Wang and Sam Diaz.  Animation is by Jeff Pomeroy.  The voices are directed by actress Joanna Cassidy.


This is a powerful story about transformation and the secret of how it happens.   It is a story of ego and esteem, arrogance and confidence, entitlement and purpose, death, immortality of spirit, love and nurturing.  It is an enlightening story for an inner child of any age.

A transformation is a different than a change.  If you change, you can always change back.  In a transformation, the butterfly can never be a caterpillar again.  If you like eating leaves and walking on the ground…don’t watch this film.  It can transform you and you won’t be able to change back…looks like a kids film, but all of us have an inner child…Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


       Dr. Jay